Jean M. Ryan

Donald L. Sanders

Joshua Roberts

BOARD MEMBER - Vice-President

Roberts & Easley, L.L.C.

Joanna V. Billingsley


Joanna V. Billingsley, Attorney at Law

Kevin A. Easley

Roberts & Easley, L.L.C.

Jessica R. Martin


Martin & Wall, LLC

C. Brandon Stafford

BOARD MEMBER - President

Brandon Stafford Law, LLC

Harry E. Styron

Styron & Shilling

Amanda K. Burdick-Brown

Law Office of Amanda K. Brown, L.L.C.

Rob J. Aiken

Law Office of Rob Aiken

Ric T. Ashe

Ashe Law, LLC

Ron Cleek

Ron Cleek, Attorney and Counselor at Law

J. Randal Howell

Law Office of J. Randal Howell

Amy J. Fite

Christian County Prosecuting Attorney

Bruce H. Galloway

Bruce Galloway LLC, Trial Attorneys

Bradley W. Hughes

Martin & Wall, LLC

Dylan A. Driskell

Ozarks Family Law, LLC

Vicki J. Running

Styron & Shilling

Judson D. Wall

Martin & Wall, LLC

Matthew B. Owen

Matthew B. Owen, Attorney at Law

Larry M. Fraser

Jennifer L. Hardy

Shana S. Mora

Christian County Prosecuting Attorney Office

Tad K. Morlan

Betty A. Pace

Betty A. Pace, J.D.

Joseph S. Passanise

Law Offices of Dee Wampler & Joseph Passanise

Samuel B. Reed

J. Rick Royce

Hosmer, King & Royce, LLC

Patricia Shilling

BOARD MEMBER - Secretary/Treasurer

Styron & Shilling

Brian D. Risley

Law Office of Brian D. Risley

Joel T. Harris

Harris Law, LLC

I use the experience I gain through my multiple practice areas to help tweak the strategies we employ in our cases. When a family law case comes into our office, we immediately start gathering information. We take a client-centred approach that evaluates the needs of the client in all aspects. Then, we use the facts, goals, and legal climate of that case to assist in putting pieces in play that will result in reaching our client’s end goals.

Andrea Long



Assistant General Counsel, Legal Department, CoxHealth

Amanda R. Callaway

City of Ozark, Missouri

City Attorney for the City of Ozark, Missouri.

Deanna K. Scott

BOARD MEMBER - CLE Coordinator

Deanna K. Scott Law, LLC